Making an Apple Pie

When my mother saw my web page about how to make crepes, she loved it and thought that I should make one about how to make pie. Like crepes, many people think that pie is hard to make, but she knows that it really isn't that hard.

Unfortunately, I was not experienced at making pie, so I didn't feel qualified to make this web page. So my mother gave me a wonderful lesson in making apple pie, and I share it with you here. You have two choices: you can read the short recipe if you are an experienced baker, or you can read through the illustrated guide to making an apple pie. It's not as good as getting a personal lesson from my mother, but hopefully the pictures will help you out.

I've made several pies since my lesson, and I'm getting steadily better at making them, though I am no expert yet. But I'll keep practicing. I hope these recipes inspire you to practice too.

The short recipe
The long recipe

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